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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Top 10 Android App Development Courses Till 2019

How to start Android app development by Paid courses With Udemy Free Instructor Messaging Support

Android app development
1.      Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps
Top Selling Course Build your Carrier in iOS and Android app development
A Complete Guide to the Flutter SDK & Flutter Framework for building native iOS and Android apps
4 Days Left Now Price $9.99

2.      The Complete RxJava 2 Bootcamp With Retrofit, Room & MVVM
             HIGHEST RATED
Take your Android app development into next level with RxJava skills, learn to use RxJava with Retrofit and RoomDB .

3.      Rapidly Build 12 iPhone/Android Augmented Reality (AR) Apps
Willing To Learn Android app Development
A Windows or Mac PC/Laptop with internet (A MAC is required for building iPhone/iOS Apps)
Android Smartphone or an iPhone (An iPhone is required for testing iPhone/iOS Apps)
A willingness to become absolutely awesome
Build 12 AR Apps (Incl. Animated Cut Scenes) & Start Your Own App Building Business! No Coding - Latest Unity/Vuforia

4.      Android Developer's Portfolio Master class - Build real Apps
4.6 (143 ratings)
3,826 students enrolled
Build Your Android Developer's Portfolio  and learn Android app development- Developer Resume, Attract Employers & Clients, Build 7 Android Apps

5.      Dependency Injection in Android with Dagger 2
4.7 (291 ratings)
1,221 students enrolled
Learn the fundamental theory of Dependency Injection and use Dagger 2 to develop android app development clean Android applications

6.      Android Architecture Master class
4.7 (134 ratings)
1,234 students enrolled
Master advanced Android architecture concepts and write clean and maintainable Android applications

7.      Kotlin Android App Development Masterclass - (Updated for 2018)
4.6 (453 ratings)
4,515 students enrolled
Learn Kotlin, Android app Development, Android Studio & IntelliJ IDEA from Scratch. Build Android Apps in Kotlin.
Special Discount on this link.

8.      The Android developer's journey
4.6 (85 ratings)
633 students enrolled
Android App Development via Android Studio, the Java object-oriented programming language, together with Google Firebase

9.      The Complete Android Material Design Course™
4.6 (388 ratings)
15,692 students enrolled
This course will teach you Material Design for Android. You'll learn how to build beautiful Android apps by Learning android app development

If you can’t afford these course to learn android app development courses
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10.  How to Make a Freaking Android App
Make apps for Android M - Marshmallow, using Android Studio for Mac or Windows. You will also learn Java programming!
4.7 (388 ratings)
2,402 students enrolled

I hope you find the amazing list of courses of android development, these all courses are top pick and all are top rated courses on udemy if you feel it is worth then share this list with your loved ones. Keep sharing so sharing is caring.