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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How To Delete YouTube Video With Screenshots

  1.     Log into YouTube Home Page


         2. Click on Channel Icon  in the upper Right Corner After Login

   3. Click on youtube Channel Settings

          4. Click on  View Additional Features


      5. Click on Video Manager

      6. Select the Video U Want to Delete Then Click on Edit Button


            7. Then Click on Delete Button

              8.Then Click on Finally Delete Button


       9. Now At Last Your Video Will Be  Deleted Successfully.

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Android App Development Online Videos By Udacity Free Amazing Online Courses List

Android App Development Online Videos By Udacity Free Amazing Online Courses List

I've assembled list of all of the Android Courses. These course are shared experienced android developer on facebook. “ I've taken over the years from Udacity. They are all free and you learn a lot as they are taught with engineers from Google and a variety of other wonderful companies.Udacity is the best. These courses are all FREE. I've completed each of them.I've even compiled a nice list for others to use.”
I am completed the first course in Beginner Level. This exceptionally good to learn the fundamental concept. The Youtube Videos in different languages are present on the topic of Andriod Development but they do not teach like Udacity. So my advice to learn android development, is to first learn English. If your English Langauge is already good to understand the concepts of android development explained in Udacity android development courses. Then take these Udacity courses.

Udacity Course Links

Beginner Level:
1.    Android Basics: User Interface
2.    Android Basics: User Input
3.    Android Basics: Multi-Screen Apps
4.    Android Basics: Networking
5.    Android Basics: Data Storage

Intermediate Level:
1.    Developing Android Apps 
2.    Android Material Design
3.    Google Firebase
4.    Google Firebase Analytics
5.    Kotlin for Android
Convert an Android app from Java to Kotlin…/kotlin-for-android-developers--ud…
6.    Android Performance
Optimizing Apps for Speed and Usability

Advanced Level:
1.    Advanced Android App Development
2.    Android Google Interview Prep
Confidently take on the tech interview
3.    Android Auto
4.    Gradle for Android 

I am compiled this list for you and shared to my beloved readers. The total courses in the above three levels are 15. If you feel this the worth, so kindly share it with your friends or students. This is a good help for student or jobless people to find a Good job in the field of android development.